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Your Vehicle Relies on Fluids to Properly Function

Vehicles rely on several fluids to assist in the completion of certain functions. Motor oil is the most vital fluid and your engine relies on this to be able to stay well lubricated and protected. Today we will discuss a few of the most important...

The Greater Maintenace Needs of a Tow Vehicle

A truck, van or any type of vehicle that tows, will require more maintenance and special care than your regular car. Learning how to protect your heavy duty vehicle against friction and wear is necessary and will help you avoid engine failure and...

Important  Motorcycle Safety Information

Riding a motorcycle can be incredibly fun and much more practical than having to drive a car. It reduces the struggle between traffic and finding a parking spot, decreases fuel consumption and gets you places faster. Yet, even though there are many...

 Summer Fuel and How to Save With Synthetic Oil

We know the summer is almost over, but there are still a few weeks left. Since there is a common tendency for gasoline to cost more during the summer than it does in other months, we want to take this opportunity to further explain why this happens....
 We previously mentioned that all engines and motors rely on lubrication to help it function correctly. Today at TravelTakesYou, we want to further explain how a synthetic oil change is able to help enhance the performance of just about any type of vehicle, appliance or machine.



 All Motor oils and Engines Require Lubrication

If you own any type of vehicle or machine that has an engine, or some sort of motor, you need to be aware of how important lubrication is. All motors regardless of how small or large work hard to complete important functions. Motor are what...

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