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Important  Motorcycle Safety Information

Riding a motorcycle can be incredibly fun and much more practical than having to drive a car. It reduces the struggle between traffic and finding a parking spot, decreases fuel consumption and gets you places faster. Yet, even though there are many advantages to using a motorcycle it also comes with a greater responsibility. Since a motorcycle is not as enclosed as a car it means you are not protected at all in the event of a collision or any other problematic that may cause the motorcycle to malfunction. That is why it is extremely crucial to follow certain precautions and always do your best to stay safe.

Keep a Safe Motorcycle by Completing All Maintenance Care on Time

One of the best ways to stay safe is to keep your motorcycle in top shape. Regular check-ups and routine maintenance can ensure that your bike stays well-cared for. All fluids in your bike should be checked. The brake fluid, transmission fluid and especially the motor oil all need to be in a good state. If you find that your bike is leaking any type of fluid the best thing to do is have it looked at because you don´t want any of these fluids running out.

Always Check and Change the Oil in Your Bike

The motor oil of your bike is what you most need to worry about because it is what will need to be replaced more often. Since it is always rushing through to keep the engine safe it faces the most exposure to deterioration.  Check it often and see if the levels have dropped. You may need to add more or change it altogether if it has a very filthy and contaminated appearance. Most motorcycles need to have the oil changed every 3,000 miles but it is best to consult your owner´s manual and follow the change interval that is recommended.

Improve Engine Safety With a Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic oil is always a much better option to prevent the wear and tear of friction. It lasts longer than regular motor oil and provides other beneficial properties that most motor oils can´t offer. Try AMSOIL synthetic oil and feel the difference in the performance of your motorcycle. For help selecting the best synthetic oil for your bike call (888) 492-8173 . 

Check to Make Sure Your Bike Is in Good Riding Conditions

Inspect all areas of your motorcycle before heading out. Another thing you need to do is to always inspect your bike before taking it out for a ride. Make sure that the brakes are always working well and that they respond rapidly. Ensure that the tires are well inflated and that they are not excessively worn out. Then check the lights and the horn. If you spot any problems once you head out or feel like something isn´t right with how your bike is responding stop immediately and take a look to see if you can figure out what may be causing it to act up. If you aren´t able to pin point the problem take precautions and take it to get inspected by a professional as soon as possible.

Always Wear a Helmet

It is very important that you use a helmet all the time no matter how short your trip you need to protect your head. Even if you are extremely precautious and careful accidents can and will happen when you least expect them. Staying protected with the right helmet can save your life and protect your head from a fatal blow. Your best option is a helmet that protects your face and head. Having a face protection will also be extremely helpful when riding. It will help your eyes stay protected from the wind, dirt, and particles that can harm your eyes and cause your visibility to be impaired. Also keep in mind that your helmet should fit you snug but not very tight or loose. Over time, helmets can wear out and their ability to protect you will decrease. For more information on the proper gear and adequate helmet and other important safety tips read the consumer report´s advice, here.

Follow the traffic laws and always stay alert when driving your bike. Keeping the motorcycle well maintained will greatly reduce the risk of malfunctions and technical difficulties while riding but it is also important to avoid external dangers. Contact OIL 4 AMERICA today and allow them to assist you in the selection of the highest quality products for the maintenance of your motorcycle.

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