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 Summer Fuel and How to Save With Synthetic Oil

We know the summer is almost over, but there are still a few weeks left. Since there is a common tendency for gasoline to cost more during the summer than it does in other months, we want to take this opportunity to further explain why this happens. Today at OIL 4 AMERICA, we want to discuss what summer fuel is and offer some great fuel saving tips that you can take advantage of year-round.

The Need for Summer Fuel and Quality Lubrication

Although several factors play a role in why gasoline costs more during the summer, the main reason is that the fuel sold during the summer is not the same as the fuel sold throughout the year. The summer means a hotter climate which affects the fluids and performance of our vehicles. The byproducts that fuel burn off releases can have direct contact with the environment and lead to environmental contamination. The hot weather increases the negative reaction of these byproducts and leads to even greater pollution in the atmosphere. This summer ozone problem led to the need for a ¨seasonal gasoline transition.¨ During the summer, starting around June, there is a transition from regular (winter-grade) gasoline to a summer-grade fuel. Summer-grade fuel is specially formulated to be less reactive towards the heat and other elements that mostly present themselves in the summer.

Why Summer Fuel Costs More

For a brief period, refineries need to shut down for maintenance and to prepare to transition into producing the specialized summer fuel. This causes some decrease in supply and an increase in demand. It also means that  special additives need to be added to the fuel so that it can become better adapted to the summer conditions. All of this creates an increase in production costs and causes fuel prices to rise. Around mid-September, manufacturers switch back to distributing regular, winter-grade fuel and fuel prices should begin to stabilize. However, this is not always the case so finding ways to save on gasoline is always a smart thing to do.

Smart Ways to Save on Gasoline

  • Use synthetic oil. Among the many ways in which synthetic oil improves your engine is the ability to make it more fuel efficient. Synthetic oil has been proven to increase fuel efficiency by around 5-10%. When the engine is working, the sliding engine pieces face resistance. This resistance causes the engine to require more energy to complete its functions. The greater the resistance the more energy it requires and the more fuel it uses up to complete its job. Synthetic oil offers the most effective engine lubrication and quickly facilitates the motions and movements of the engine parts. It decreases resistance and allows the pieces to work in an easier manner that decreases the effort of the engine and reduces the need for fuel. Using AMSOIL synthetic oil will help improve the fuel economy of your vehicle while offering superior protection. Contact OIL 4 AMERICA now and start saving today.
  • Improve your driving habits. Polishing up your driving habits can also help a lot when it comes to saving on gas. This doesn't necessarily mean leaving the car and walking to places that are nearby, but it does mean you should be more conscious of how you drive. Sudden braking and speeding not only use up a lot of fuel, they also wear out the brakes, the tires, and affect the lifetime of your engine. Avoid taking off at full speed after braking as doing this repeatedly will take a toll on your engine and your wallet. Also, use more continuous highways whenever possible. Streets with constant stop lights require that you stop and go very often which also depletes your fuel faster.
  • Complete regular maintenance on your vehicle. Making sure that your vehicle is in good shape and that it is well maintained can also help you use up less fuel. Any glitches or problems in your vehicle cause the engine to have a harder time functioning properly which will require more fuel to take care of its job. Check that the tires are always properly inflated so that the engine doesn't have to work twice as hard to power the movement of the vehicle. Also, be sure to always use the recommended viscosity grade of oil and stay on top of oil changes.

Fuel Savings With a Synthetic Oil Change in Palm Springs

For a more efficient engine and greater gasoline savings, tune up your vehicle and get a synthetic oil change today. Experience the benefits and savings of using AMSOIL synthetic oil and get a hold of the best products in their online store. You can also contact OIL 4 AMERICA directly at (888) 492-8173 .

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