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Your Vehicle Relies on Fluids to Properly Function

Vehicles rely on several fluids to assist in the completion of certain functions. Motor oil is the most vital fluid and your engine relies on this to be able to stay well lubricated and protected. Today we will discuss a few of the most important fluids that facilitate the workload of the different components of your vehicle.

The Most Vital Fluid for the Engine Is Motor Oil

We had briefly mentioned the importance of lubrication in this previous post. Motor oil provides the necessary lubrication for the engine. Without lubrication, your engine would not be able to function or last. You see, the engine has many moving pieces and when these pieces move, they scrape one another and create friction. This friction leads to wear and deterioration of the engine parts. The motor oil creates a silky and smooth surface for the engine pieces to slide and glide past without scraping each other harshly. The oil coating decreases friction and protects against wear, tear, and other harsh factors.

The Engine Benefits Most From Synthetic Oil

Quality motor oil does more than just lubricate. It also creates a coating against corrosion,  helps maintain a safe temperature, and guards the engine against other dangers. Synthetic oil is the most beneficial type of motor oil because it provides rapid lubrication in any temperature and greater advantages in comparison to conventional lubricants. The harsh cold does not create an inconvenience for synthetic oil. Unlike regular motor oil that thickens and takes longer to reach the engine pieces in the cold, synthetic oil flows without a problem and quickly protects the engine. The heat is also not an issue for synthetic oil. Synthetic oil resists high temperatures without suffering from breakdown or thinning out. AMSOIL synthetic oil creates a safe and protected environment for the engine pieces to function more efficiently. This allows your engine to deliver a higher level of performance. Contact OIL 4 AMERICA now, and get the best lubricant for your engine, today.

4 Common Fluid Running Inside Your Vehicle

  • Motor Oil. Engine oil needs to be checked regularly and changed around every 3,000 miles but if you use synthetic oil this can be prolonged to every 5,000 miles. AMSOIL even offers a special Signature Series Synthetic Oil that can prolong oil change intervals to up to 25,000 miles.
  • Transmission fluid. This is crucial to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Transmission fluid works to lubricate, prevent corrosion and keep the transmission system in good conditions. The transmission system is what allows the proper gear to be in place so that your tires get the right amount strength to power their movement according to the speed and road conditions. The transmission fluid is meant to last a long time and doesn´t require a replacement until around 60,000 to 100,000 miles. However, if there is a problem there could be leaks or other conditions that cause it to deplete faster and therefore it should be checked around every month or every two months.
  • Brake fluid. Just as the name states this is for the fluid is what allows your vehicle to stop when you push the brake pedals. It is important that the brakes be in a perfect state in order to avoid accidents and allow you to confidently drive your vehicle around. Brake fluid needs to be checked about every month and usually needs replacement every 2 years. Depending on your driving habits, environmental conditions, and the use you give your vehicle, you may need to change the brake fluid more often or less.
  • Washer fluid. This is another less necessary but also useful kind of fluid that your vehicle uses. This is the liquid that is dispensed when your windshield needs to be wiped off by the wipers. It is less crucial to the actual functioning of the engine but it is very important for your visibility as a driver. It is necessary that your view is clear and unobstructed and having the right fluid inside this component is important. The washer fluid is more than just soap and water it includes other components that help break down any bugs or dirt particles that may become stuck to your windshield. There are several different types on the market some are even non-toxic and there are also some DIY versions. The auto glass experts offer a great recipe for making your own washer fluid at home, click here to view it. 

Get the Best Products and the Most Beneficial Synthetic Oil Change in Cathedral City Today

Always choose lubricants that offer full engine protection such as AMSOIL synthetic oil.  Remember to check and change the fluids as needed and use the best products available. Call (888) 492-8173 to get the best quality and most trustworthy products today  

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