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Questions and Answers About Motor Oil and Lubrication

We know that cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats and other vehicles all need motor oil and require oil changes. However, today we want to dig a little deeper into the basics of lubrication and explain what it is and what it does for the engine.

What is Lubrication?

Lubrication is the process or method used to decrease wear and friction between moving surfaces. When parts or pieces are in motion they tend to slide past one another and this creates resistance known as friction. Lubrication prevents the surfaces from scraping harshly and eventually tearing or wearing each other out.

What Does the Term Lubricant Mean?

The term lubricant is usually used in reference to the slippery substance that completes the job of reducing friction.  Lubricants reduce the traction and decrease wear and are almost always a type of oil or grease.

Why Is Lubrication Important for the Engine?

Whether they are vehicle engines or a motor in machinery, all engines have moving pieces. The movement between those moving parts is what creates friction. If there is friction, the parts face wear and possible scraping that can lead to break down. Lubrication allows the parts to not touch as harshly and facilitates the movement, reducing wear and extending durability.

Why Motor Oil?

Lubrication is required by all moving parts in order o slide more efficiently and without as much friction. Even outside of cars and vehicles, lubrication is used to facilitate movement and reduce wear. A squeaky door can be fixed with lubrication, sometimes by adding oil to the hinges. In a vehicle, different areas require lubrication and different components can offer that. For example, the transmission fluid of a vehicle helps to lubricate the transmission system among other functions. Motor oil is the specific lubricant for engines.

What Is the Most Efficient Type of Motor Oil?

There are different types of motor oil. Synthetic oil is currently the best option and offers the most benefits for all kind of engines because of its enhanced performance, reduced volatility, and complete coverage against friction. AMSOIL offers a variety of lubricants each designed to meet the needs of different vehicles and motors. Call OIL 4 AMERICA at (888) 492-8173 to ask about the right lubricant for your engine.

What Functions Is Motor Oil in Charge Of?

What the motor oil does is to lubricate the internal parts of the engine that are constantly moving. By doing this it protects the parts from scraping and excessive wear. It also reduces heat and can assist in cooling down the parts. Its third most important function is to help the engine stay clean and free from sludge and contaminants.

Why Does the Motor Oil Need to Be Changed?

As the motor oil circulates inside the engine, it picks up dust, dirt, debris and other contaminating particles that can end up causing problems. Over time, the oil filter starts to saturate with removed filth and the oil becomes less efficient in absorbing contaminants. Use, heat, contaminants, and other driving conditions can start to affect the oil and it will begin to wear out the protective properties of the motor oil. When this happens the oil needs to be changed.

What Happens If the Oil Is Not Changed in Time?

If the oil is not replaced in time, instead of assisting the engine it can start to become a problem. Moisture, dirt, and wear can lead to the oil changing its consistency. Sometimes this leads to the formation of sludge, especially when it comes to conventional motor oils. Other times the oil thins out with the high temperatures inside the engine environment. This leads to a lack of true lubrication and instead of properly coating the engine parts it starts to slip past them without protecting them from friction. To learn more about why you need to change and what happens if you don´t, read this post.

How Often Should You Change the Motor Oil?

Depending on the type and quality of the oil you use, it needs to be changed around every 3,000-5,000 miles. Checking that the quality is good enough and that levels remain safe is something that can indicate whether your engine needs an oil change or not yet. Using synthetic oils decreases the need for frequent oil changes because they have a sturdier longer-lasting molecular structure that does not allow them to wear out as easily. However, even these still need to be changed at some point. Usually, this is around every 4,000-7,000 miles. In the case of high-performance lubricants such as AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Oil, they can last around 24,000 miles before needing to be replaced.

The Ideal Products for an Efficient Synthetic Oil Change in Palm Springs

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