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 We previously mentioned that all engines and motors rely on lubrication to help it function correctly. Today at TravelTakesYou, we want to further explain how a synthetic oil change is able to help enhance the performance of just about any type of vehicle, appliance or machine.

Synthetic Oil Can Meet the Needs of Any Vehicle

Each type of vehicle will have different requirements when it comes to motor oil. Heavier-duty vehicles such as large diesel trucks need a more potent oil that can help it overcome the strain of heavy loads. Smaller vehicles like your average car have different needs and face other problems such as long idle times in traffic. Racing vehicles need a motor oil that can put up with the severe driving conditions and intensified heat that can accumulate in the engine of a vehicle that is constantly driven at high speeds. Cars, trucks, vans, and even diesel vehicles all benefit extensively from the powerful lubrication that synthetic oil provides. No matter what the need is, Amsoil offers a wide variety of synthetic oils that are each enhanced to suit the needs of every type of vehicle and each different engine. The importance is to always rely on quality synthetic oil for better bigger benefits. Contact us now and we´ll assist you in selecting the right synthetic oil for your vehicle.

3 Reasons Why Synthetic Oil Outperforms Other Motor Oils

  1. Stronger molecular composition. Synthetic motor oil is created under strict laboratory settings that compound the ideal chemical composition. The molecular structure that is created to form synthetic oil is much stronger and resistant than any other type of motor oil. This enables it to withstand extreme conditions such as very high temperatures or low degrees while other motor oils react negatively under those and other conditions.
  2. Reliable lubrication. Very hot temperatures cause conventional motor oil to thin out. As the oil starts to thin out it begins to slip past the engine parts and because it is just slipping right through the engine parts, it is unable to lubricate them . This results in harsh scraping and scratching that can break the engine pieces and harm the engine. A negative effect also takes a toll on conventional oil during extreme cold. When the temperatures drop, the cold causes regular motor oils to thicken and flow much more slowly. This prevents the engine from quickly obtaining the much-needed lubrication that allows it to function. When using synthetic oil you don´t face any of these obstacles because its formula adapts to the different necessities and temperatures. Allowing it to keep its viscosity in heated degrees and to rapidly flow in the cold, so that it can immediately lubricate.
  3. Overall benefits. The superior molecular structure of synthetic oil gives it many advantages over all other motor oil types. Synthetic oil not only provides great lubrication but it also helps the engine maintain a stable temperature and improves the efficiency of all its functions. It protects the engine against heat, friction, sludge, wear and many other factors that threaten the engine.

Appliances and Small Engines Can Also Benefit From the Use of Synthetic Oil

Appliances and other machinery can also benefit from the advantages of synthetic oil. Pressure washers, lawnmowers, and any other small engines can experience higher performance  levels and longer durability when they use synthetic oil. The protective benefits of synthetic oil help even small motors to stay safe and free from rust, sludge, and other elements that can harm them. To look for the best products for your appliances and small engines visit our lookup guide, here.

Take Care of Any Engine With a Synthetic Oil Change in Palm Desert, CA

Start using the best synthetic oil in your vehicle so you can start to see the difference. You will immediately experience the improvements that Amsoil synthetic oil can provide. Call us at (760) 880-3650 and take better care of your appliances, vehicles and other machinery with Amsoil.

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