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The Greater Maintenace Needs of a Tow Vehicle

A truck, van or any type of vehicle that tows, will require more maintenance and special care than your regular car. Learning how to protect your heavy duty vehicle against friction and wear is necessary and will help you avoid engine failure and other problems. Today we want to share more on towing and the higher standard lubrication needs a that a tow vehicle has.

Proper Lubrication and Care for Your Truck

The most vital part of caring for a heavy-duty truck, van or any other vehicle used for more weighted loads is making sure it remains well lubricated and that it stays protected against all types of engine harm. The engine is the key component for all the work a vehicle does, and that includes the power and strength to tow. Make sure you facilitate its performance by providing the right lubricant and changing it as needed. You also need to be more constant with inspections and check that all the vital components of your vehicle are working well. Maintenance for key components should be completed more often and you will likely need to follow the heavy-duty recommendations provided by your vehicle manufacturer.

Tow Vehicles Rely on Quality Lubrication

The engine is much more prone to harm when it is pushed to its maximum. The great loads or constant hauling trips increases its need for engine protection. The greater extension that the engine is exposed to creates a bigger demand for proper lubrication. Only synthetic oil can completely satisfy the needs of an engine used for towing.  Even if towing isn´t something your engine does regularly you still need to ensure the motor oil is able to withstand any similar extraordinary situation. Use AMSOIL synthetic oil for reliable results in all your vehicles and trips. Contact OIL 4 AMERICA today at (888) 492-8173 for more information.

Things You Need to Know Before You Consider Towing Something

  • Towing capacity. Chances are that you already know how heavy and how often your truck can tow, especially if you bought a truck for that main purpose. However, many of us just need to tow something occasionally and in that case, it is can be hard to know exactly how much and how often we can tow something. The first place you can look into for specific information is the owner´s manual. If this isn´t something you have handy then you will likely need to find the owner´s manual online, contact your dealer, or research the information. The manufacturer will provide a tow rating for your vehicle, which is the recommended towing capacity.
  • Never exceed towing capacity. Once you know how much your truck can tow you can make some estimated calculation in regards to what your vehicle has the capacity to take and if it's wise to tow what you need to move around. If the weight of what you need to tow exceeds your vehicle´s capacity you should not try to force it and it is best to find someone who has the right vehicle and can help you get the job done.
  • The right equipment. If your vehicle has the capacity to tow what you need to, the next thing you need to consider is having the right tools and equipment to do so. Your vehicle must have the right tow hitch and other necessary material for the specific load you want to tow. It isn´t the same to tow a trailer than it is to tow a watercraft or a smaller vehicle. Each thing you tow may require different tools and materials to properly attach and move around with it. For more information on hitch types and other important towing information visit The Online Towing Guide´s website, here.
  • Driving abilities. Another important thing you need to consider before you tow anything is that your driving skills will be tested. Make sure that you also take into consideration that driving around with the extra weight and the bulk attached is not as easy as it looks and does require patience, practice, and special care. It may feel somewhat awkward, and unstable to drive like that but if you properly prepare your load and your truck it will be a lot easier to transport. Be patient and do not try to reach faster speeds it is best to go slow and stay in control than to drive fast and have trouble getting there.

Protect Your Tow Vehicle With a Synthetic Oil Change in Palm Desert

Have your vehicle ready and prepared for whatever load or road condition comes your way. Use AMSOIL synthetic oil for every oil change and you will really see the difference in both performance and durability. Contact OIL 4 AMERICA today at (888) 492-8173 for more information.

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