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Racing oil differences. Why racing oil is different from street oil.  Regular racing oil vs. drag racing oil. 

Meeting the Lubrication Needs of Different Engines by Selecting the Right Motor Oil

Many machines, vehicles, and even appliances have engines. Now, although all engines need lubrication the type of lubrication they each need is not the same. Even if we are talking about the specific use of lubricants in vehicles, applications vary. Some cars are used for common everyday commuting while others are used for heavy towing, and even racing. Obviously, a car that is used for racing faces very different conditions than one that is only used for commuting. Likewise, even though towing and racing are both very exigent conditions they each place a very different kind of demand on the engine. Therefore the lubricants required for each use must be tailored to the engine demands. Which is why today we want to focus on discussing what makes racing oil different.

Heat is a Dangerous but Prominent Factor in Racing Engines

Racing conditions create very elevated internal temperatures that cause a tremendous amount of heat in the engine. The constant pressure on the engine to reach high speeds for longer distances can truly exhaust the engine and wear it out. Due to the demanding movement and constant workload on the engine, heat becomes a dangerous factor.

Higher Viscosity Lubricants are Better for Heat Resistance

Heat places the engine at risk of failure, which is why it is vital that the engine lubrication withstands high temperatures while providing all the cooling and friction protection properties that are needed. In order to do this, the oil needs to be incredibly stable and resistant. Synthetic oil is ideal for this, but viscosity plays a major role. Racing oil needs to be thicker so that when confronted with high heat it will remain consistent enough to coat the engine parts properly. Regular car engines do not face the intense heat conditions that race engines do and so they do not need a high viscosity. In fact for regular car engines, less viscosity might be better since it will allow the oil to flow more quickly and rapidly to the engine parts that need it.

Racing Oil Needs to Be Thicker

Racing oil tends to have a high viscosity because it enables them to provide the right coverage even in the increasing heat faced during a race. For example, AMSOIL´s DOMINATOR® SAE 60 Racing Oil has the right viscosity to keep the engine safe when high temperatures are reached. It provides the best anti-wear properties that resist viscosity loss. You can learn more about AMSOIL´s racing oils here, or contact OIL 4 AMERICA directly.

Additive Package of Drag Racing Engines Don´t Require as Much Heat Protection

The additive package that a racing oil has can mark all the difference. Just like there are different vehicle uses there are also different types of races that each demand something different from the race car engine. For example, drag races are short and a quick rapid burst of speed is what you need to complete this kind of race. Drag race motors don´t necessary face much heat because only a short distance is covered and it isn't enough to make the motor heat up excessively. A more subtle viscosity rating is used. For this use, AMSOIL´s DOMINATOR® 5W-20 Racing Oil is a good option. The additive package of a drag racing oil needs to supply superior performance and protection for the increased rpm.

Racing Oil vs. Regular Oil Additives

More traditional races or circle track races create a more demanding load of work on the engine and wears it out faster. That is why these engines rely on additive packages that provide superior wear protection and heat resistance. Regular motor oil also has very different additives, usually containing several detergents to provide the engine with cleaner oil and prolong oil changes. There are even a few longer lasting synthetic lubricants, such as AMSOIL´s Signature Series Synthetic oil, that allow you to go up to 24,000 miles without having to change it. However, in racing vehicles, oil changes are a lot more constant and so there is no need for many detergent additives since the oil will be changed soon.

The Right Lubrication for Your Racing Synthetic Oil Change in Riverside County

Whether you are looking for the right lubricant for your truck, car, or racing vehicle, at OIL 4 AMERICA you will find everything you need. Contact them right now at (888) 492-8173 and let them assist you in fulfilling all your engine´s needs with the right AMSOIL products.    

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