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In today´s world, there are all kinds of vehicles and appliances each with engines of different types and sizes. Yet, no matter what the engine type they all require friction protection.

Lubrication for Every Type of Engine

There are all kinds of motor oils, each created to meet the needs of different engines and facilitate its functions. Due to this, there is a very large assortment of motor oils. These can be classified by engine type, by motor oil type or by engine function. By engine type, you can find different categories such as two-stroke or four-stroke oil, gasoline motor oil or diesel motor oil, these will have a variety of subcategories. By motor oil type you will find classifications such as mineral oil, synthetic blend oil, or full synthetic oil. Commonly, you can also find motor oil classified by the engine function such as ¨racing motor oil¨ or ¨marine motor oil¨ etc.

Choosing Motor Oil Can Get Overwhelming but It Doesn´t Have to Be

On top of all of the different classifications, there are also different quality brands, different specifications and uses, and even different blends of additive packages. Due to all of this, it can get quite overwhelming trying to find the right lubricant for the job. Even when you narrow it down to a specific vehicle, such as a dirt bike, there is still many open options. That is why today we want to focus on two-stroke oils and why they are so different.

Two-Stroke Synthetic Lubrication for Different Vehicles

Dirt bikes, motorcycles, boats, and snowmobiles are some examples of vehicles whose engines can be two-stroke or four-stroke. Although both engine types have their advantages and disadvantages, the one thing you need to be completely sure about is what type of lubricant you will use in it. When it comes to complete coverage you can never go wrong with a high-quality synthetic lubricant that matches your manufacturer´s recommendations. AMSOIL carries an incredibly complete line of two-stroke oils for all your needs. Check out their two-stroke lubricant list here, and contact OIL 4 AMERICA today by dialing (888) 492-8173 for personalized engine lubrication recommendations.

Two-Stroke Engines

Two-stroke engines are simpler than their four-stroke competitors. Among the benefits of two-stroke engines are their extra power kick and the lighter and less intricate structure that they have. This encourages many to prefer two-stroke engines over four-stroke because it makes dirt bikes, motorcycles, and other vehicles less heavy and easier to manipulate while giving them strong power performance. However, this also translates into a decrease of lubrication efficiency and more expensive maintenance costs.

How Two-Stroke Engines Work

Two stroke engines are internal combustion motors that complete one power cycle with two strokes of the piston in one crankshaft rotation. What this means is that while four-stroke engines take four strokes to complete the functions of suctioning, compressing, expanding and exhaust, two strokes complete all of these functions with one power cycle. This power cycle is made up of an up and down movement of the pistons. The first movement is a down stroke and here the piston is shifted downside to allow fresh air into the combustion chamber. This creates an air-fuel mix that makes its way into the combustion chamber. Next is the down stroke, where the piston is pushed up and the air-fuel mix that was in the combustion chamber is compressed. Here the spark plug ignites the mixture, and as it expands the piston goes down. For a more comprehensive on how two-stroke engines work, take a look at this article by Dirt Bike Blogger, here.

Two-Stroke Oil

One of the biggest differences between two-stroke and four-stroke engines is that two-stroke engines do not have a separate lubrication system. Instead, these type of engines use the crankcase as an induction tract where both oil and gasoline are added for lubrication and together they help power the engine while they provide lubrication. Two-stroke oil can come either as injector safe oil that you add directly or as a pre-mix (example: Outboard 100:1 Pre-Mix Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil) that you need to prepare by adding the recommended ratio of fuel to oil before you add it to your engine. Check your owner´s manual and always verify that you are using the right type of oil, and the proper amount. For more information on two-stroke oil ratios and types be sure to read this article.

Synthetic Oil Change for Your Two-Stroke Engine

Using quality AMSOIL synthetic oil for your two-stroke engine will enhance engine performance and help reduce exhaust emissions. AMSOIL carries several two-stroke oils each designed with your engine in mind. Contact Oil 4 America right now at (888) 492-8173, and purchase the best engine lubricants today.

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