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Racing oil is for racing. Yes, we know, what a shocker, right? Well, as obvious as that sounds, you would be surprised by how many people brag about using racing oil in their muscle car or regular vehicle (which they do not race). Read on to find out why this is a terrible mistake.

Motor Oil and Engines Are Now More Specialized Which Means a Lot More Options for Consumers

You see long ago, it was a little more simple, engines and motor oils were not all that specialized. All you really had to do is make sure the oil grade matched that recommended by the engine manufacturer and you were all set. Today, however, you have a lot of options and many other categories to choose from. This can make things a little more confusing but it is definitely a good thing because if you do use the right lubricant you can ensure that your engine will be running at its best for longer.

Determine the Oil Grade You Need

There are a few things you need to determine when selecting engine oil. The first is the oil grade and this will be dictated by your manufacturer.  Since there are several types of car engines (which you can learn more about in this article) and different models, it is important that you follow the manufacturer´s recommendations in regards to the oil grade for your specific engine.

The Second Thing You Need to Look for Is the Oil Type and Quality

There are three main types of lubricants available in today´s market: regular or conventional motor oil, synthetic blend, and full synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is the best lubricant for all applications because it has the best resistance and most sturdy molecular formula. It delivers higher quality lubrication in all applications. AMSOIL offers a variety of synthetic lubricants to match the requirements each vehicle and different engine needs. At OIL 4 AMERICA they can help you select the ideal motor oil for your vehicle. Contact them now by clicking here or dialing (888) 492-8173.

Application Is Everything

How you use your vehicle matters. If there is one thing that you really need to decide for yourself when it comes to selecting a lubricant is what you use your vehicle for. This will determine what kind of protection the lubricant needs to provide, besides coverage against wear and friction. When it comes to lubrication the engine application is what matters most.

Lubrication Application: Racing Oil and Street Oil

To illustrate why the application is so important, let´s take a closer look at racing oil. It is a great lubricant it has three times as much antiwear and friction fighting additives than what regular lubricants have. To increase the dosage of friction reducing additives other protective elements such as detergents, antifoam, dispersants and anticorrosion additives are removed. Since these protective elements are not essential to racing applications it isn´t as big a deal. Racing engines do not need these additives because their oil is changed very often, so they don´t need the anticorrosion, sludge-prevention, and cleaning protection that those additives provide. However, those are very important additives for your regular vehicle. They are what allow your vehicle to go for about 3,000 miles before requiring an oil change and what protect it from engine buildup and corrosion that can wreck the motor.  A 5W-20 Racing oil is not the same as your synthetic 5W-20 street oil, so be careful, and remember to consider the application when selecting the right lubricant.

Examples of Different Lubrication Applications

  • A race engine that needs to reach high speeds has to be protected against high levels of heat and friction but not so much against sludge. Therefore, a quality race oil such as DOMINATOR® 5W-20 Racing Oil which allows for maximum horsepower and withstands the elevated rpm and high temperatures is perfect for this application.
  • Your regular car probably faces some amount of heat once in a while and a normal amount of friction but needs to be protected against corrosion and sludge since oil changes don´t happen as often. AMSOIL´S  Signature Series 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil is ideal for the job.
  • A tow truck places greater demands on the engine due to the added weight it needs to be able to carry. That is why it needs high resistance lubrication, superior wear protection, and oxidation resistance. Such as that provided by AMSOIL´s Premium Protection 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil.

Just What You Need for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Palm Desert, CA

For more information on selecting the right lubricant for your engine visit our previous post, here, and get the best motor oil for your synthetic oil change today. Contact OIL 4 AMERICA right now at (888) 492-8173.

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