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You already know you need to keep your engine well lubricated. Whether it is a car, a motorcycle, or a machine if it has a motor it needs friction protection and that means quality lubrication. The following information can you in making that happen.

More Than Just Motor Oil Offer Your Engine Complete Protection

Contrary to what many believe good lubrication does not mean that all you need to do is add oil to your engine. There are other things you need to consider in order to ensure that your engine gets the best lubrication possible. Today we want to discuss all of the aspects that need to be considered in order to ensure that you are truly providing your engine with efficient and reliable lubrication.

Good Lubrication Is Using the Right Oil and Ensuring That the Lubrication System Works at Its Best

We constantly mention the importance of oil lubrication but what exactly does good lubrication mean? It means that the actual lubricant performs its function of protecting against friction and that the entire lubrication system as a whole allows the lubricant to reach and coat the areas that require such lubrication. That means that in order for the engine to truly be well lubricated two factors must help carry out the role correctly. One, the oil must be the adequate one and two the lubricating system must support the function of the oil.

Making Sure You Select the Right Lubricant

  • The first part seems pretty clear and simple. Use quality oil that meets the need of your motor. The end. Not exactly. There are several things you need to consider within this.
  • You need to consider the viscosity you need based on the workload and temperatures that the engine will be working under.
  • You also need to verify that you are using oil that is formulated for the specific application that you require (marine oil in your boat, motorcycle oil in your bike, etc.)
  • In the case of dirt bikes, boats and motorcycles you will need to carefully select the right four-stroke or two-stroke lubricant.
  • If it is a two-stroke oil you will need to ensure that you use the right pre-mix ratios or use injector safe oil.
  • This all sounds like a lot and as if that wasn´t enough you still need to realize what kind of molecular structure you want to select. Conventional offers limited coverage, synthetic blend offers a broader coverage and synthetic oil offers the most extensive and ultimate protection.

AMSOIL Offers the Highest Quality Lubricants

Choosing a lubricant that is ideal can become overwhelming, but at OIL 4 AMERICA they are there to make things easy for you. That is why all you need to keep in mind is the importance of using quality products and synthetic lubricants that can deliver the best performance, and AMSOIL offers just that. They carry every type of synthetic oil you could need. All you need to do is contact the experts at OIL 4 AMERICA and allow them to assist you in selecting the ideal lubricant, today.

The Lubricating System Must Support the Function of the Oil

It is no good to have the best lubricant on the market if it can´t get to where it needs to. The lubricating system must work to help the oil reach its destination in good conditions and with the most efficiency.  The oil filter is one of the most important parts of the lubricating system of any engine. If this piece is not in good conditions it can ruin the oil. It is important that you use quality oil filters such as AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters.

Why Is the Oil Filter So Important?

As the oil lubricates and circulates it picks up the sludge that it finds in its path. This allows it to prevent clogs and filth problems. Before the oil circulates again, all the filth that it picked up is removed from the oil by the oil filter. However, when the oil filter becomes saturated its effects reverse and it can begin to infiltrate the passing oil with even more filth. That fill will spread out everywhere and can cause a great disaster and put your engine in danger. In order to prevent this, you must change the oil filter in a timely manner. This is just as important as using quality oil and changing it on time. In fact, you should change it every time your change your oil. In order to get a better idea of the state of your oil and filter, you can run an oil analysis test on the used oil. For more information on this and how to make sense of the results, read this post by clicking here.

Oil Filters and Everything You Need for a Synthetic Oil Change in Palm Desert, CA

Oil filters come in different sizes and can be made of different material. AMSOIL offers the best oil filters that when used in conjunction with AMSOIL synthetic oil prolong the durability of both your oil and oil filter. Contact OIL 4 AMERICA today at (888) 492-8173 and get a hold of the best synthetic oil and oil filters for your next synthetic oil change.  

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