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No matter what kind of vehicle you have, lubrication is one of the most important maintenance tasks. That is why today we want to share some important information on oil changes and oil filters.

Oil Changes are Crucial

Although most of us know that changing the oil is a task that needs to be regularly carried out, it is easy to forget and prolong it. Many times we don't even remember about an oil change until our vehicle starts acting up and we run through a mental checklist of what could possibly be wrong. Only then do we realize that the last oil change happened a little too long ago. This is not uncommon and it can happen to most of us. However, it is important to stay on top of this and to always use quality products so that even if we accidentally prolong the next oil change it doesn't harm the engine as much.

Why Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

The friction created in the engine when the moving parts are in motion can cause a constant scraping and wear that demands protection. That is why it is so important that they have some kind of lubricant to protect them. Motor oil provides lubrication to these parts by passing through them and coating each component with a slippery fluid that facilitates the motion. This not only makes the movement faster and more efficient, it also helps improve the duration of your engine and protects it against other factors.

The Importance of Oil Filters

Motor oil reduces friction and makes movement safe for the moving parts. However, that is not the only job it carries out. It also reduces heat, diminishes wear, and prevents sludge and gunk build up. As the oil passes through the engine it absorbs heat and removes dirt and other foreign particles. All the gunk and dirt that the oil collects is then trapped by the oil filter before the oil is allowed to rush in again. Oil changes are very necessary because they not only remove the worn out oil that no longer has effective protection properties, they also remove all the built up sludge and gunk in the oil filter. This is why it is so important that you always change or clean the oil filter when carrying out an oil change.

What Should I Keep in Mind in Regards to an Oil Change?

  • Use the right lubricant. Using the right lubricant for the job is vital. You don't want to use racing oil in your regular car or vice versa. Verify that the lubricant you select has been manufactured for the application you are looking for.  Make sure that the oil you use also meets all specifications recommended by your manufacturer and ensure that you use quality products. How well your engine performs will greatly depend on the oil you provide for it, so make sure that you choose trust-worthy brands, such as AMSOIL's Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil. Contact OIL 4 AMERICA at (888) 492-8173 to learn more and get a hold of the best synthetic oil and highest quality products.
  • Select quality lubricants that you know will last. Synthetic oil is always the best choice because it gives you the peace of mind that you deserve even if you don't religiously change the oil. When you use AMSOIL synthetic oil your engine will stay protected as long as you remember to be somewhat regular about your oil change intervals.  AMSOIL's incredible full synthetic formula enhances engine performance and provides complete coverage against friction, heat, and sludge.
  • Make sure you change the oil filter. This is another very important aspect, so make sure that you never complete an oil change without also changing the oil filter or cleaning it out depending on the type of oil filter it has. The oil filter has a crucial job, and without a clean oil filter, an oil change is useless. Even if you fill your car with new oil, if the oil filter is full of gunk, it will cause the oil itself to become contaminated. This will spread continuously, making the lubricant counterproductive. Learn more about the importance of changing the oil filter and the different parts it has in this article.

Synthetic Oil Change in Palm Desert

Don't neglect your next oil change. Try to keep a reminder on your phone every two or three months to not only check but also change the oil regularly. Contact OIL 4 AMERICA now at (888) 492-8173  to get the best AMSOIL products for your synthetic oil change and all the necessary fluids for your vehicle today.

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