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Summer is the perfect time to head out and have fun but the elevated temperatures aren´t exactly ideal for your vehicle. The following information can help you better understand how the heat affects your car and what action steps you can take to protect it.

Summer Conditions Affect Your Vehicle

The heat and summer conditions tend to take a toll on all vehicles. Whether you are heading out on a road trip, visiting the beach, or just going shopping, your car is exposed to more intense heat and different road conditions during the summer. That is why you need to be aware of these effects so you can take the proper precautions and maintenance measures.

The Heat Affects Your Vehicle´s Fluids

The first thing the summer heat affects is the fluids in your vehicle. Intensely high temperatures lead to lower fluid levels. This means that gasoline is consumed faster, coolant is used up more, conventional motor oil tends to thin out, and other fluids face a higher evaporation rate.

The Summer Weather Increases Engine Temperature

Even under normal conditions, the engine faces tremendous heat. In general, most engines run with temperatures over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The coolant is the fluid in charge of maintaining your engine´s temperature within a safe range. Its main job is to keep these temperatures below boiling point. It does this through the thermostat, which opens up when the temperature starts rising and it prompts the coolant to rush in and cool down the engine.

The Need for Quality Coolant This Summer

During the summer, environmental conditions change and the heat increases, creating a higher demand for coolant. That is why it is important that you constantly check your vehicle´s coolant levels and add more when necessary. Make sure that you use a high-quality coolant such as AMOSIL´Passenger Car & Light Truck Antifreeze & Coolant or their Heavy-Duty Antifreeze & Coolant for tougher applications.

The Summer Heat Demands Synthetic Oil

Although motor oil´s main function is to lubricate and protect against friction, it also assists in absorbing heat. The higher temperatures can cause low quality oil to thin out and lose its protective properties. However, synthetic oil offers durable engine protection and constant coverage, no matter what the temperature.

Get a Synthetic Oil Change This Summer

If you aren´t already using synthetic oil, now is the time to get a synthetic oil change and protect your engine against the harmful effects of heat and friction. This summer, ensure that your engine stays fully protected with AMSOIL synthetic oil. AMSOIL offers a variety of true quality synthetic oils for all types of vehicles and engines. Visit their online store and select the best lubricant for your vehicle. You can also contact OIL 4 AMERICA directly at (888) 492-8173  and get personalized help in finding the right AMSOIL products for all your maintenance needs.

The Heat Also Affects Your Tires

The roads and pavements are also a lot hotter during the summer months. This can directly affect your tires and lead to a problematic situation. Make sure that your tires are in good conditions and regularly check the pressure. Do not drive your car in the summer with deflated tires, it is bad enough during regular weather but in the heat, this could lead to bigger issues. Since the heat can also cause tires to crack more easily and wear out faster, you should take extra care in inspecting your tires so you can make sure that they have not dangerously deteriorated. This article by The Right Turn Blog explains the effect of the heat on your tires more thoroughly so you can better understand the importance of the properly caring for your tires this summer.

Take Care of Your Battery

The battery of your vehicle can also be affected by the high temperatures and intense heat. Check for corrosion and keep your battery clean. When going on a road trip it is not uncommon for batteries to get loose with all the vibration of unpaved roads. It is also common for sand and other environmental elements to create buildup around the terminals, so keep a close eye on it this summer. Click here, to learn more on how to clean and prevent battery terminal corrosion.

Synthetic Oil Change in Palm Desert, CA

In order to minimize the effects of the summer weather and higher temperature conditions, make sure your vehicle is well-maintained. Check all fluids and change them as necessary, using only the best and most trustworthy products. AMSOIL offers a wide variety of quality products to meet all the maintenance needs of your vehicle. Contact OIL 4 AMERICA at (888) 492-8173 and get a hold of their top products today.

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