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Keeping your car in good shape doesn’t mean that you have to take it to the mechanic every three months. There is much that every motorist can do to keep their car running smoothly this fall. If you love the idea of performing your own vehicle maintenance but you didn’t really pay attention when your parents were trying to teach you about your first car (we are all guilty!), you may feel a little lost for ideas on what types of maintenance you can perform that will actually provide benefits.

Consider Fall the Perfect Time to Give Your Car a Little Bit of Warmth and TLC

To get you started on the right track, OIL 4 AMERICA has the following post with basic, yet important, vehicle maintenance tasks every motorist can perform at home in their driveway.

Cleaning Your Car Isn't Just for Looks, It's Also for Vehicle Health

Giving your car a thorough clean is the easiest way to prevent rust and also to identify it early before it can cause more damage. With this in your mind, take the day, get your family, and give the car a solid clean. Be sure to pay attention to areas such as:
  • The seals around your doors and windows
  • Any areas which don't get a lot of sights, such as underneath your seats and up and behind the control pedals and footrests
  • The space where your windshield meets your dash. This is a great place for dust and debris to accumulate and is also where your air vents are likely to be located.

Air Filter

While most motorists aren’t surprised that their engine has an air filter, the majority are surprised when they find out that it has nothing to do with the temperature of the air in their car. Instead, its job is more behind the scenes. To give you a very basic explanation, the process of combustion which keeps your engine going primarily relies on two things. Air and Fuel. Combined with the right amount, these two ingredients are ignited. This happens over and over again as long as your engine is switched on. Just as the quality of the fuel you put in your tank needs to be high, so too does the quality of air. The dirtier the air, the lower the quality of the spark. Of course, this is until there is no air being received, in which case the spark doesn’t happen and your vehicle doesn’t feel too inclined to move. For this reason, take the time to give your air filter fiber either a solid clean or a replacement, whichever is best suited. It only takes a couple of minute sand is something which all motorists can do in their own driveway and can show a decent increase in your vehicle performance. When performing any type of maintenance, remember that you only get out what you put in. Be sure that you are always not just high-quality products, but the right products. Call USA 4 America at (888) 492-8173 to speak with an expert about the right product for your needs. Alternatively, click here to buy AMSOIL Signature Series 0W-20 Synthetic Motor Oil which has been purpose designed to keep your engine clean and running smoothly.

Battery Condition and Lights/Electrics

If you notice that people don’t seem to be giving way when you try to change lanes then it may be that your indicator lights aren't working. While you are performing maintenance on your vehicle, take a couple of minutes to test all of your indicator and safety lights. If you can see that any aren’t working, it’s likely that a bulb replacement will quickly fix the problem.

How Are Your Tires?

Just because your tires are sturdy and strong doesn't mean that they can last forever against all kinds of roads and debris. In fact, it can take only a small piece of natural debris to become lodged in the right place or your tire to cause serious problems. Take your car outside into the sunlight and give your tires a visual inspection. Look out for the following:
  • Bald spots on your tire (where there is no tread/smooth)
  • Debris caught in your tread or the tire itself
  • Any pieces missing from your tire
Any of the above can cause a dangerous situation while you are driving, and are easily avoided with a simple check of your tires. If you do see any of this damage, or any other concerns, be sure to get the tire to a professional before you drive on it any further.


Last, but certainly not least, are your fluids. The quality and level of your fluid are important to the operation of your engine. For example, if you run out of engine fluid, then you run out of engine. Period. Get your car on level ground and check each of the fluids listed in your owner’s manual. If you don’t have it, the most common fluids will be:
  • Engine Fluid/Engine Lubricant
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Brake Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • And, your Wiper Fluid.
Each of these fluids plays a large role in the operating of your vehicle and your safety

Every Engine Can Benefit From a Synthetic Oil Change in Palm Desert, CA

As you can see, there is much that you can do as a motorist to keep your car in good shape and not only keep it performing well but also work towards extending its lifespan. Of course. When replacing your fluids, be sure that you only use the right products for the job. Check out the online store or speak with OIL 4 AMERICA today by calling (888) 492-8173 to learn more about which product is right for your needs and how a synthetic oil change in Palm Desert, CA can boost the performance of your vehicle.

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