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It's important for all motorists to be able to identify small vehicle problems before they grow in size and cost. This article can help you identify early problems with your brakmes. You learned how to check the engine oil level, how to make sure you had enough water, whether the tires were in good condition, and how to replace your washer fluid. And while this may be considered the very basics of engine maintenance, it makes up the majority of many motorists vehicular knowledge. Not because of ignorance, simply because much else wasn’t explained to them and modern cars are pretty self-sufficient.

Identify Small Problems With Your Brakes Before They Can Grow

Unfortunately, this leaves motorists to not recognize signs that their vehicle needs their attention, allowing small problems to grow much larger. To help prevent this situation from happening to your vehicle’s brakes, OIL 4 AMERICA has the following signs to watch out for that indicate your brakes might want a bit of TLC.

Can You Hear Your Wheels Singing?

If it sounds like your wheels are auditioning for the world’s worst opera then the chances are that your brakes pads need some attention. When your brake pads are made, a small pin is included inside the brake material. As the material wears away, the pin becomes exposed until it finally starts to scrape against the wheel of your car. While the noise is bad, it isn’t causing damage when you first hear it. However, if you leave it too long, it will start to ruin your wheels until your vehicle can no longer stop or slow down.

Are Your Brake Pads Moving?

Was it something you said? Do your brake pads want to leave you? What’s that clicking noise? If you can hear a clicking sound coming from your brakes as you start to slow down and eventually stop then it’s possible that your brake pads are moving. But don’t worry, they aren’t moving on from you. Instead, they may have come loose or dislodged from their fitting, giving them the freedom to move around and cause a clicking noise each time that you apply pressure to the brake pedal. While it may not be catastrophic, it’s important that you make your way to the mechanic to have them looked at straight away. Keeping your brakes in good condition is not only good vehicle maintenance but it can also prevent a number of dangerous situations. Click here to buy AMSOIL DOT 3 and DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid and give your brakes the support they need for maximum traction control. If you aren’t sure if this is suited to your vehicle or to learn more, speak with a synthetic oil change expert at OIL 4 AMERICA by calling (888) 492-8173.

Excuse Me Car, I'd Like to Stop, Please

If you find yourself begging and pleading with your car to stop each time that you apply pressure to the brake pedal then your next stop should be the mechanic. If you can’t hear any noises while you very very slowly come to a stop and there aren’t any other signs of poor car performance then it’s likely that you just need to replace your brake pads. If you can’t do the task yourself, your mechanic can take care of it for you quite quickly.

Also, I'd Like to Stop in the Direction of My Choosing

On top of actually coming to a complete stop, it’s important that remain in the direction you were moving. That is to say, if you notice that your car pulls slightly to one side each time that you stop then it could be a problem caused by your brakes. Namely, your brake pads. Something as simple as a brake pad which has worn at a different rate to the other could be responsible for this pull, however, it is important to get it checked out for two reasons. The first is that it is a dangerous way to drive your vehicle. The second is that it could be the sign of a much larger problem.

Every Engine Type Can Benefit From a Synthetic Oil Change in Palm Desert, CA

Keeping your brakes in check isn’t just good vehicle maintenance, it’s also a good way to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. After all, your brakes are likely to be your first and best line of defense in a dangerous situation. When you are performing are regular maintenance on your vehicle, be sure to check your brake fluid levels and if it is low, give it a top-up. If you can see that the fluid has passed its useful date, speak with OIL 4 AMERICA at (888) 492-8173 or visit the online store to place an order for a high-quality AMSOIL lubricant.

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