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2 Stroke Engine Information

Two-Stroke Engines and Their Lubrication Needs

Two-stroke and four-stroke lubricants are common in motorcycles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and boats. Depending on the type of engine that your vehicle has, it will need it will need to use certain lubricants to cover its demands. Since each engine works very differently, it is important to consider the different aspects, functions, and movements of each type of engine. Today we want to focus on two-stroke engines and their motor oil needs.

Some Two-Stroke Lubricant Examples

Two-Stroke AMSOIL Lubrication

No matter what kind of two-stroke engine you require lubrication for it is important to consider what your owner´s manual states as two-stroke engines need to mix the engine oil with the fuel. It is necessary to check the owner´s manual what oil to fuel ratio is necessary and then select the right lubricant for the application you want. At OIL 4 AMERICA they carry all the best in two-stroke AMSOIL lubrication products. Contact them directly through his link.

How Two-Stroke Engines Work

Two stroke engines are internal combustion motors that complete up and down movements called power cycles or strokes. During one crankshaft revolution, it has one power stroke. A stroke is the movement of the piston in the engine so if there are two strokes, one of them is the compression of it and the explosion of the compressed fuel and on the second stroke is the returning one where the fuel mix is then taken into the cylinder. That means that the end of the combustion and beginning of the compression stroke both occur at the same time. This is the cycle that continues to create the right chemical explosion and movements to power all the functions of the engine.

Benefits of Two-Stroke Engines

Two-stroke engines have a greater power-to-weight ratio. Since they fire once ever revolution it gives them the power boost that makes them more powerful than four-stroke engines that fire once every two revolutions. They don´t have valves and this simplifies their structure. Their reduced process also decreases the number of moving parts and creates the perfect engine for a more compact and light vehicle. It can also reduce the cost of manufacturing which usually means that two-stroke vehicles and machines tend to be less expensive than their four-stroke counterparts. Perhaps a downside for some is their lubrication system or lack thereof.

The Lack of a Specific Lubrication System in a Two-Stroke Engine

If you have a two-stroke vehicle chances are by now you have noticed that there are a few things that you need to do differently, especially when it comes to the oil. For starters, there isn't a separate and specific oil system to take care of the lubrication needs of your engine which is why two-stroke engines tend to last less. The lack of a lubrication system dedicated to truly protecting and reducing wear is what takes a toll on the engine and leads to a shorter engine duration and more reduced lifespan.

Two-Stroke Engines are Less Efficient in Lubricating

Although less efficient when it comes to friction protection, two-stroke engines offer advantages that certain owners prefer. Yet, they do demand more frequent lubrication care because the oil also burns off a lot quicker and needs to be topped off sooner. The fuel mix used by two-stroke engines is a blend of oil and fuel that is designed to create the perfect combustible that along with powering the vehicle lubricates the parts while being burned off.

Two-Stroke Lubrication Products in Palm Desert, CA

AMSOIL carries the best lubricants and both two-stroke and four-stroke oil along with a great variety of motor oils for all kinds of engines and uses. Visit their  AMSOIL product page to view their products online or contact OIL 4 AMERICA directly at (888) 492-8173.